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by on November 22, 2012

It’s that time of the night, you know you need to go but just have a few chips left – time for a real gamble.  You throw all you have left onto the table,  hoping for that last big win before you finish.  You might not win of course, but it sure is an exciting way to check out.

This is the problem with many of the popular roulette systems out there, they are just plain boring.  Hundred of little bets, placed to creep your balance up slowly – systems like Oscar’s Grind are well named!    If you find this, then the Parlay Roulette System may be for you.

Parlay tries to capture the excitement of roulette and build it onto a framework where you can win a specific amount.  It’s extremely simple to play and like most systems with luck it can be quite successful.

There are lots of different varieties of Parlay but most of  these revolve around specifying a target then making a series of bets in order to make that target.



Here’s an Example – How Can We Turn $10 into $400?

  1. Bet $10 on Red  (Win and Total is $20)
  2. Bet $20 on Black (Win and total is $40)
  3. Bet $40 on a Sixline bet like 7-12 (Win and Total is $200)
  4. Bet $200 on Odds (Win and Total is $400)

This is the point, you have a goal and you stick to it.  You follow the bets along and stick to the sequence, if you lose at any point you must start from the beginning.

The crucial point to remember with any of these target based sequence systems is that when you reach your goal you must finish.  The Parlay Roulette strategy is not really a full blown system for roulette, but it does give you a sensible framework.  It’s good advice to practice any of the roulette systems you find here online first using a free game, online casinos normally have a free game which can save on making expensive mistakes – although you can’t win either !

I’m not that mad on systems but this one has more merit than the rather tedious and risky Martingale system.

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