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by on October 20, 2012

This website will bring those of us who love playing casino games either online or offline some news, reviews and just general chat about the best gambling environment – the casino.   Our focus will be on the game of roulette, but because I am a sucker for any casino game we won’t stop there – Baccarat, Blackjack and Craps, I love them all and they will all feature on this site.

Where to Play Roulette Online

There’s so much choice but in my mind there’s actually only a limited number of options.  I want a reputable casino that plays fair, pays out quickly and a responsive support desk for sorting out problems.  When you are considering where to play please be careful, look  for something reputable, give their support desk a ring, try to look beyond the huge bonuses offered by the dodgy sites.  What you want from an online casino is trust.

What Sort of Games?

There’s actually not that much choice actually.  Many of the online casinos share the same few games provided from a handful of providers.  Myself I dislike the vast majority of computer based casinos, simply because the experience is rather artificial.  Forget the arguments about Random Number Generators and crooked software – the issue with me is the experience of playing what is essentially an arcade version of roulette for money. There is another big problem I have with computer generated casinos, the game is too quick.

Too Quick ??

It’s sounds a stupid complaint but I’m very serious.  If you play any casino game then the house always has a built-in advantage or ‘house edge‘.  This is fine within reason and ensures that overall the casino will win over time.  But the rate at which you play is crucial for the potential losses and winnings of a player, the quicker you play the more you can lose.  Interaction with individuals like the dealer and other players slows the game right down, it becomes entertainment – a pastime.  Internet casino games are often very impersonal and end up being nothing more that two clicks of your mouse – rebet and spin.  The quicker the game the more you spin and in an average game – the more you lose.

How About Live Casino’s 

They are certainly my preference but again there are a couple of different types.  Most ‘live casinos’ are merely a live dealer with a camera set up, the game is entirely played for the benefit of the web site.  Of course it’s still live and it plays much slower than a computer controlled game,  I’d certainly recommend ahead of an arcade roulette game though.

My preference is somewhere that’s pretty much unique in online casinos – DublinBet.  It’s actually a real bricks and mortar casino, based in Fitzwilliam Street in Dublin.  You play in real time alongside the physical visitors to  the casino  – as such there’s way more atmosphere than any other online roulette game.  The video feed could do with a HD option but it’s pretty good when in full screen – you can hear conversations, the buzz and laughs of the place as you play.

It’s not for everyone and because they are all real tables there’s not the huge variety of different options you’ll get in some web based casinos.   For me though the idea that the spin is decided on pure luck and not a computer based Random Number Generator is enough.  With every casino, it’s best to try out the Free play version first, it’s exactly the same as the money game with DublinBet in any case.   Try out the Baccarat table – I’ve seen some serious winnings on that game here, here’s a video of someone playing the free game.

But of course if you want the full thrill, all the excitement and the atmosphere of a casino you have to go and visit one.  If you learn the rules online there’s nothing to stop you enjoying a night out at a real casino.  Don’t worry they’re all pretty friendly nowadays and most dealers are very helpful with new players.

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