Playing the Martingale Casino Roulette System

by on December 14, 2015

We’ve all seen films and stories about mathematical systems that can beat the casinos. Unfortunately there’s one single problem with just about all of them and it’s a bit of a show stopper. The problem is that none of these systems actually fundamentally change the odds of any roulette game. They might appear to offer an advantage to the player when you actually study them, you’ll find it’s simple not the case.

Take for example probably the most famous system of all – the Martingale casino roulette system, which has been around for many years and regularly pops up as a secret system.

It’s not a bad system, it doesn’t actually mean you’ll lose money and in fact it’s possible to win big with the martingale system. However it’s also possible to win big through blind luck by just playing on random numbers. Martingale doesn’t change the odds but it does change the risk to some extent requiring increasingly large bets to be placed in order to cancel out any losses. There are other flaws with martingale the most obvious one is that people can very easily lose the ability to double their bets, either through house limits or lack of funds.

The Martingale system is guaranteed only in a hypothetical situation, for the rest of us in the real world it’s worth avoiding.

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