Your First Visit to a Casino

by on December 6, 2012

They used to be restricted to a few glamorous places across the world, but nowadays you’ll find casinos in many places.  Lots of hotels will often have a decent casino for their guests on site.  But although many millions visit and have fun in casinos, many people feel rather intimidated and are unsure of what to do.

Hopefully this post will help someone who has thought of visiting a casino but were a little unsure about what to do.

Most important of all, please don’t imagine that casinos are full of Dukes, James Bond types and high rolling millionaires – they’re simply not.  In fact if a casino relied completely on these types it would be most deserted!  The vast majority of casinos are full of ordinary people from all walks of life.   There might have been lots of restrictions in years gone by but these have mostly gone.  Most casinos have followed the model pioneered by Las Vegas which is simply to get as many people through  the door as possible.   As a result, there are loads more games available, lots of help for beginners and relaxed entry rules.

If you’re in any doubts about entry requirements for example then just give the casino a quick call before you visit.  Customer service is superb in every casino I’ve ever visited and they’re certain to help you.  For a first time visit this is worth doing as you’ll be less nervous before you arrive.

Some of the big casinos can be a bit daunting when you first enter, but the key is to take your time and relax.  There’s no rush so have a drink or a walk around and get an idea of what games are available.  If you’re not sure on how to play a game and fancy trying then look out for an empty or quiet table.   If the table isn’t busy the dealer will be happy to help you with the rules.

It’s best not to pick a very busy table though as it’s not fair on the dealer and the other players.   Although there are many places you can learn the rules online nowadays – try this free online casino  game – you can learn all the rules and it’s completely free or maybe one of the excellent roulette informational sites –

Basic Casino Etiquette – Roulette

Once you’ve learn the rules to a game there are a few little things about etiquette that you should know.  Don’t be too worried though, good  manners will cover any situation just as well.

Be considerate too other players, don’t criticise their play or offer advice.  If you win by all means cheer,  laugh – the game is played for fun so enjoy yourself – but don’t overdo it.    If you lose then again, just accept it and remember it’s a game sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you’ll lose.

When you first walk up to the table, just sit down first.  If you  need to change money , then put it down on the table, don’t hand it directly to the dealer.  Depending on the stakes played at that table he will give you some chips.  When you are starting stick to the low stakes tables – they are cheaper places to make mistakes!

Don’t mess around with your cards or bets once they’ve been placed.  This is vital with roulette for example, leave the bet until it’s either been paid out or removed from the table.  If you can’t reach a spot then hand it to the dealer and ask them to place the bet for you.

Try not to leave your bets to the last minute, it becomes confusing and it’s easier to lose track of your money.   There’s no advantage to leaving it to the last second so place your bet in plenty of time.   You’ll learn any specific rules just by watching or asking  the dealer.  Ask if you have a problem or question, all croupiers are more than happy to assist new players.

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Flip FLop Kev June 9, 2015 at 1:30 am

Great stuff, was terrified about having to go to casino on my friends stag do. This helped …. Still made a prick of myself but that was due to alcohol, which doesn’t count !

Thanks bud……. Flip, Flop Kev (dont ask)


June 28, 2015 at 10:38 pm

Thanks flip flop, dying to ask…..


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