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by on July 11, 2017

Is it feasible to hack the online casino software that runs all these games run?   Of course one of the crucial factors is the software itself, and in fact there are lots of different versions installed on these various platforms.  The reality is that any decent online casino will probably use one of the big, international companies which include the following:

  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • NetEntertainment
  • IGT
  • NetxtGen

There are lots of other casino software but although it’s likely to be less secure – you’ll probably find the casino behind it is fairly dodgy too.   Which is why you should stick to the big companies when playing online, they’re fair and honest and you can be sure if you win you’ll get paid.

Try these companies:

Bovada Casino  – Click for one of the Biggest Names in US Casinos.

Anyway back to our question – is it possible to hack into this online casino software and make ourselves rich. To run the digital equivalent of Martin Well’s performance when he broke the bank at Monte Carlo by fixing roulette.

roulette hack software
Well the brief answer is yes, it is possible. The longer answer: yes it is possible but so hard that it often seems it’s not even worthwhile. Casino hacking dates back into the slot machines in which it had been possible to cheat a slot machine with a magnet!

In this manner, you could control a slot machine when playing in the physical casino. But many casinos now exist online, which explains the reason why hacking became a great deal more challenging.

The focus has switched from looking for a physical angle like a skewed wheel or a predictable croupier to the online casino software that run these sites.  The integrity of the games and ultimately the internet casino’s safety relies on that software and it’s underlying random number generator.  Remember ultimately you’re playing  against a computer program which is why people started using roulette hack software to try and beat them

It is also important to remember that if you could determine a way to fix the machines and your wins total started spiralling up then you would definitely start to attract attention. Most of these casinos have people analysing payouts and checking the routines are working properly – anything out of order is going to lead to payouts being restricted.

That’s the problem, your online win is only real when you’ve cashed out and until that virtual pile is in your bank you ain’t won anything. Fortunately the clever players now this and create many accounts, on many different online casinos and play to win discrete amounts.

So Ignore Roulette Hack Software ?

The majority of roulette hack software programs are usually designed to identify weaknesses in the RNG (random number generator). If there’s no weakness, then they are of little use and do little that couldn’t be accomplished with a simple spreadsheet.  You’ll possibly see stuff online about some random online casino exploit or a Playtech casino hack, however the truth is that anything which appears online is unlikely to be true.

Others have more plausible systems, ones which have a sense of realism – certainly worth checking out is this one –

The Roulette Boss – How to Win at Online Roulette

It’s an intriguing method, and not the usual rehashed versions of Martingale give it a try.

Online casinos are well aware of the existence of roulette hack software and take measures to  are more heavily shielded that a few banks, and there is more cash in hacking banks than in hacking online casinos because the latter do not possess the right to maintain any digital cash in their servers. Logically, this implies that hacking internet casino slot machine are your very best option. Even if it’s still not a lot of bet.

Internet casino servers are often heavily guarded from particular facilities, in fire-proof rooms together with surveillance cameras anywhere. So it is basically impossible to perform some hardware hacking unless you are a part of Mr Robot or Anonymous. In terms of applications hacking, online casinos encrypt each of their customers’ transactions using SSL coding so that could prove pretty difficult also.

Are there some hacked casinos?

They say never say never, and it is correct that there are several online casinos which were hacked and had their own gambling applications messed with.  It’s never one of the bigger companies though, they have people and software to detect such anomalies in both betting and payouts.   So if anyone did get away with some sort of online casino tricks or scams they’ll be very short lived.  These instances are rare, and it’s all very well discovering some sort of online casino cheat engine, it’s another to successfully profit and withdraw your winnings.  What’s more, the world of internet casinos has developed greatly over the last decade and so has the security and sophistication of their algorithms.

So in the event you happen across several arbitrary advertisement telling you it will provide you access to some casino that is hacked, it is likely a scam and you should avoid it all costs.


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