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by on June 2, 2017

Playing roulette can look a little intimidating if you’ve never played before. Although it’s a relatively simple game some of the etiquette and variations can be quite confusing. Certainly walking into a real casino with no idea on how to play can take quite a little bit of confidence. My first time in casino was about 20 years ago in a posh hotel in Zimbabwe and I can still remember how worried I was at the time.

Fortunately most casinos are a lot more friendly than they can appear to the uninitiated but there is another option thanks to the internet. The internet is simply packed with places to try a little roulette practice free of charge in the online casinos.  These usually include all the main games and usually a vast array of slots too and even let you practice online roulette for free. They are the perfect place to learn the game without the intimidation of walking into a real casino and interacting with a live croupier.

Roulette Practice Free

There are caveats of course, you have to be very careful with which casino you select. There are literally thousand of tiny, scammy casinos offering massive bonus which you would be best to stay clear off. Stick to the big, established brands where you can get some support and you’ll be treated fairly. Companies like Betfair or Bodog are huge companies for whom customer service and their reputation is paramount. Smaller casinos offer huge bonuses because they often don’t even honour them.

When you’re choosing a place to play online roulette it’s also best to start with a free game. There’s a myriad of online games from the big companies which offer free online roulette with no downloads or games of skill like Blackjack. It’s a great way to learn a new game, try out a casino strategy or system. In fact many people are just happy playing these games for the entertainment and never move on to the money games.

Personally I enjoy the chance of winning real money greatly adds to the excitement but of course there’s a bigger risk too!   However there’s no doubt it’s better to learn without the risk of losing money and playing online is much more accessible of course.

There is another factor you should consider if you practice roulette online free, and that’s to remember that these games can be preprogrammed.  All the computer software can be configured to pay out at a certain level specified by the casino.  So remember if you are testing a new game, trying a new strategy online on a free online roulette game be wary.  Your roulette system  may seem to pay out great on a free game, but this might very well be the generous payouts programmed into the free play area.   It could all change on the real money system.

In fact the best way to get a completely open system when testing on free play is to access one of the live roulette games. These are linked to real casinos and are played in real time, so there can be no artificial modifications to their payouts.  One of my favorites is linked to a real casino in Dublin, Ireland which you can find here called Dublinbet.  Unfortunately you now need to register for the free game although you don’t have to leave any financial details unless you want to play for money.  It’s an entertaining place to view though especially if you login late on a Saturday night, and see lots of drunken punters in the casino play alongside you !!!


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