Swedish Casinos and Gambling in Sweden

by on July 19, 2015

Sweden allows gambling along with most of mainland European countries, however for some reason there are not a huge number of Casinos in Sweden.   Most of them are in the major cities and you’ll be unlikely to find a proper casino in smaller towns.  Most of the casinos are not hard core gambling joints but more like hotels/restaurants with gambling facilities, many Swedes visit Casinos to eat and drink without ever placing a bet.

1) Casino Cosmopol, Gothenburg

The Casino Cosmopol in Gothenburg is one of the biggest casinos in Sweden in the harbour area of Gothenburg.   Most of the normal casino games are covered with a decent selection of tables.   Don’t expect free drinks in this casino even when you are playing on the tables, you’ll have to pay for everything.  The lunch deals are good value by Swedish standards and attract a lot of people especially at the weekend.

You’ll need your passport to enter, and no under-20 years olds are allowed.  there are plenty of slot machines too with technical assistance on hand if you need it.  The tables are rarely very busy although it does get crowded when a tournament is running.  These are scheduled quite regularly and there are a wide variety of poker games to join in if you play.

2)  Casino Cosmopol, Malmo

The Casino Cosmopol also has a casino in Malmo which is worth a mention.  It’s located in the beautiful Kungsparken right in the centre of Malmo, right next to the Parks entrance.    It’s again one of the bigger casinos in Sweden and has most of the games and tables you’d expect, including baccarat.   There is a small fee to enter and visitors will probably need to show their passports to gain entrance.

It’s well known for it’s poker rooms and indeed many people travel from other Swedish cities to play here instead.   There are also plenty of slot machines which you can find in the central area and distributed throughout this large Swedish Casino.

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