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by on June 28, 2015

Many people who enjoy roulette and other casino games often struggle to find a decent alternative online.  There are of course no shortage of online casinos, however most of them are software based with most of the games little more than electronic slots.  For years there have been virtually no decent live casinos online but this has changed recently – the casinos are beginning to realise that the trust, interaction and pace of a real casino game is much more popular than the automated borefest that is an electronic roulette game.

This site is one of my favorites as the writer clearly enjoys live roulette games too :

Play Online Roulette

The site is a mixture of different casino related stories and articles, including most of the common roulette systems like Martingale and Oscar’s Grind.  There is one good write up of a roulette strategy called the ‘James Bond System’ that I’ve never come across though here.   It’s worth reading through the section at the end which explains the mathematics behind this particular system and the surprising conclusion.


The problem with most casino information sites on the internet is that they’re little more than huge adverts. You’ve probably seen the ones which review five casinos and give them all 9 or 9.5 out of ten, then send you off with a bonus code.  They actually don’t review based on the players perspective but rather based on the potential commission that they can earn by sending you to the casino.   This means that they tend to pick very obscure online casinos which offer huge bonuses – you’d be best to avoid them.

However one simple roulette site which offers a lot of information on roulette systems, can be found here:

Roulette systems  – 

Again you’ll find most of the major roulette systems explained here, indeed this is the primary focus of the site.  There are some tips and guidelines including an interesting post on the dangers of selecting a casino based solely on the bonuses it offers to new players – Casino Bonuses

You might think it makes sense to select the very high bonuses that some casinos offer. However the terms behind these ‘super high’ bonuses are extremely restrictive and it’s almost impossible to cash out these bonuses based on the restrictions. Worse still many of these casinos often don’t pay out winnings properly and will hide behind conditions to avoid paying out on big winnings.

Generally you’re best sticking to a respected name when gambling on line, firms like Betfair and Virgin have big brands and reputations to protect and will ensure that you get treated fairly and will payout without issues.

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