Online Poker Players Head to the Virtual Casinos

by on July 17, 2015

I love to play video poker, but I used to hate that you had to keep feeding them money until you got a winner, before you could just push the play button and go. Yes I remember when many machines could not remember winnings and the latest little casino credit cards did not exist. In fact, when I was a child I think many machines were quite plain by comparison to what you can find today in both off line and online casinos.

I think online video poker in virtual internet casinos is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don’t have to dress up or pay transportation to get to the Internet casino. I can drink or not, as I choose, in my own home, so I don’t have to have a designated driver, or be one. I can just play from my credit deposited and not have to handle all those coins, which make my hands itch. Yes I could play on my computer just for fun, but it is so much more thrilling to be able to win (or lose) real money in a online casino. It’s that risk factor that makes online casinos rich. We love the game that includes a bit of risk.


I have to admit that I do not always win, but online casinos would not be so profitable if everyone was like me. I play within my budget and I play well and win often.

The strategy of playing poker online on a virtual video poker machine is the same as in any Las Vegas casino. They are different from playing in a poker room with real people, even if those people are meeting in virtual space.

For example, chasing an inside straight in a real poker game is just not smart, especially if the pot is high. In online video poker, the pot is the same every time you play, and the payoff for straights is so much higher than for lower hands that it is worth chasing them. You do not ever increase your bet after you get your initial hand in video poker just remember how random it is, unlike the simulated and live games, like online Texas Holdum. So chasing inside straights is actually good strategy.

I play online video poker partly by whim, but I also look at the payout versus the chance of winning a smaller amount in another way, like keeping a pair and hoping to get more.

I almost always hold face cards with other cards that could make a straight or a flush, because the payout is higher for these, so they are worth going for in online casino games. I also always go for the royal flush and four-of-a-kind, because these pay a lot.

I really enjoy playing in online casinos, because they are right here when I want them and are always open. I budget my money and never risk what I cannot afford to lose. Maybe that’s why I usually win, even in cyberspace internet casino gambling. You can too.

James Collins

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